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Unconventional wedding dances

In the spirit of trying new things and broadening my horizons as a dance instructor, I am currently teaching a wedding dance couple who is doing a freestyle-hip hop type dance to a reggae song.  It's been an interesting journey so far, but one I'm proud of no doubt.  I have always enjoyed freestyle and hip hop dancing, so I get to use my old bag of tricks rather than the ballroom syllabus.  It's nice to try something different than the same old thing.  Wanna try a unique dance for your wedding?  Let's brainstorm and have fun with it!

which San Diego dance studio Is Best for learning to dance?


San Diego County is a huge place.  There are so many choices of great dance studios; how do you choose?  Most people choose a dance studio because of it's location, reputation, or desired classes and class times.  Over the years, I've settled on two great dance studios to teach at:  Vernetta's Dance Studio in North Park and Synergy Dance Zone in Miramar. 

Here's why I love these studios the most:  the studio managers are fantastic and the locations are central.  Working side by side with friendly dance instructors is more important to me than prestige, reputation, and other such things that might matter in the dance world.  I love both the the studio managers because they are nice, friendly, organized, and successful.  Every time I run into Vernetta, the owner of Vernetta's Dance Studio in North Park, we give each other a hug and chat about life, dance, and of course business.  I really admire her for all her dance business accomplishments.  She's so generous to share her wisdom and studio with me.  Every time I run into Peter Edwards, the owner of Synergy Dance Zone in Miramar, he smiles, waves, and says "hi" to me, even if he is in the middle of teaching a dance class, which is just about every evening.  I admire his dance business accomplishments too.


Here are two important factors that will help you choose which dance studio to learn at:  proximity to your home or work and the level of privacy you desire.  Most dance students want a studio that is close to where they live or work.  Both Miramar and North Park are centrally located.  I recently taught residents of Cardiff, Poway, Ramona, and Escondido at the Miramar studio.  It's also close to La Jolla, University City, Del Mar, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Carmel Valley, Penasquitos, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, Tierrasanta, Mira Mesa, Clairemont, and Sorrento Valley.  North Park is more convenient for students coming from central San Diego, South County, or East County.  I recently taught residents of Alpine, Hillcrest, Del Cerro, and Chula Vista at the North Park location. 

As for the level of privacy, some students want a very social studio environment.  Synergy is perfect for that.  There are always people there and their Friday night dance parties are super fun.  Dance lessons are usually taught with other couples on the floor, so the teachers take turns playing their music.  Also, the selection of group classes is great if you want to supplement your private lesson or meet others. 

If you're more shy or introverted than sociable and outgoing, you might prefer a private studio environment.  Likewise, if you're preparing for a wedding and need to replay your song over and over again, then Vernetta's Dance Studio is perfect for that.  At Vernetta's, students get the entire studio all to themselves.  This means the teacher can play her music as often as she'd like without disturbing the other students and teachers.  Some students are willing to drive extra to North Park just to have such privacy, especially if they're new to dance, shy, or uncomfortable dancing in front of other people.

Which studio do I personally like better?  It depends.  As far as studio appearance and dance parties go, I prefer Synergy Dance Zone.  It is gorgeous and sophisticated with a big wooden floor.  Vernetta's Dance Studio has more of a kid's classroom feel; a majority of the classes taught there are for children, so there are kids' decorations everywhere.  As far as teaching goes, though, I prefer Vernetta's Dance Studio, because I was originally trained to have the space all to myself when teaching private lessons, so it is what I'm most comfortable with.  I love having the freedom of playing my music as much or as loud as I want.  I have discovered, however, that if I time it just right, I can teach at Synergy Dance Zone when it's not as busy, for example before or after group dance classes.  Therefore, my students and I can have more room to roam. 

Overall, I am grateful to have two wonderful dance studios that I can teach at in San Diego county.  I've tried other studios, but Synergy Dance Zone and Vernetta's Dance Studio are my favorite.  See you at one of these studios soon!

want to be an instructor?


I got an inquiry today from an enthusiastic 19 year old girl who expressed interest in becoming a dance instructor.  I wasn't necessarily looking for one, but talking with her gave me the idea of starting a dance instructor training program for young men and women who want to train to be dance instructors.  It takes me back to my training days, when I showed up at Mac Vitties Dance Studio in my early twenties with a red dress and a smile.  I got hired on the spot.  No experience was necessary, just the ability to teach.  Within a month of training, I was teaching my first student:  a middle-
aged widower, who later went on to meet his second wife through dance!  I learned so much at that studio about teaching, social and business etiquette, and of course ballroom, swing, Latin, salsa, country, and wedding dance.  After more than a decade teaching dance, I am at the point now where it would be fun and rewarding for me to share my expertise with aspiring dance instructors who might end up teaching for me in the future!  



Yesterday, while I was hosting a country-themed

high school graduation party, a former coworker of

mine who happened to be there, told me:  "you were

meant to do this".  She had only known me as a tour

guide at the zoo, so seeing me as a dance instructor

leading a group of teenagers in some line dances, country

swing dancing, and the Cowboy Cha Cha amazed her. 

She told me that I was very good at what I do and then

her husband asked me if I teach at In Cahoots.  I said no, 

but I do teach country dancing at other places.  It's always

nice running into old acquaintances, especially when they

have nothing but nice things to say about you!  I'm sure

she's going to tell all of my old coworkers about my

bootscootin'booging at this in-home dance party that I worked at.