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Dance your way to happiness!


  1. Start as early as possible.  The more time you have to prepare, the better.  We recommend at least 3 months.
  2. Pick a song, or if you can't decide, pick a few and we will help you choose.
  3.  Check out our current teaching hours on our contact page.  Then, contact us to schedule your first wedding dance lesson or a free music consultation to select a song.
  4. Come to your lesson prepared with smooth-soled supportive shoes, and enough storage and battery on your phone to take a video of the choreography so you can practice at home.
  5. Keep taking lessons until the choreography is done and you've had a chance to polish things up ideally finishing everything at least a week before the wedding
  6. Enjoy your dance and if you make a mistake, keep going; no one will notice if you are smiling!
  7. ​For more info on wedding packages and prices, visit our wedding page.


Check out my students wedding dance on 3/24/18 to Shotgun Rider by Tim McGraw


Check out my students wedding dance on 4/28/18 to Into The Mystic by Van Morrison

Our studio will be closed from July 18-25.  Liza can accept new students after August 5, 2018.