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North Park, Kearny Mesa 

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Which studio location are dance lessons at?  

All evening lessons are held in North Park.  We love the completely private space there.  

We also teach in Kearny Mesa during non-peak hours such as weekday mornings and Sundays.  The space is technically shared, but private 98% of the time since there are three studio rooms and we usually use one of the smaller rooms rather than the main floor.  If we ever need to use the studio in the afternoon or evening, when it is busier, one of the smaller studio rooms can be rented for an additional fee to guarantee private space.

Upon request, we can teach in-home lessons or classes at your home or facility when feasible.

Although we are closed Friday evenings and Saturdays, we will gladly teach at or DJ your special event during these times.


Location Key             
N=North Park 
K=Kearny Mesa 

I=In Home


9:00am-1:30pm    (K)                4:00pm-8:00pm   (N) 


9:00am-1:30pm   (K)

4:00pm-8pm       (I)


9:00am-12:00pm (K)




9:30am-5:00pm (K)

Please contact Liza for specific availability on your preferred days.