The above photographs are provided courtesy of France Photographers. 

Wei and David got married in July of 2017.  Her parents and other family members traveled from China to witness their special day.  They chose classical waltzes for the father/daughter and mother-son dances and Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" for their first dance.  Wei just called me to tell me that their event was such a success that a San Diego Bridal magazine was going to feature their wedding in their next edition!  I taught them their first dance and was their disc jockey at their wedding.


"Liza is a bright light of positivity and energy! She helped me break through my fear of making a mistake on the dance floor, and ensured I found the confidence I needed to go beyond the steps and have fun with the dancing itself.  She's a natural teacher who loves what she does for a living which turns the awkwardness of learning something new into something fun."

-Kilby, country dance student 


"My partner and I are absolute beginners at Country Two Step. Liza is an excellent instructor; we have had only three lessons and already feel that we could dance in a club and not feel completely out of place. The lessons are fun and non-threatening - we look forward to them every week."
~Beth and Jacque


"I have been doing Country Line Dancing with Liza for a month now... and it is so much FUN!  She always makes it a fun learning experience and we have already tested out our skills at the Country Bars. She is open to suggestions for any line dance you want to learn. I highly recommend her."
~Jill in April 2015


"I have participated in Liza's Country 2-step group lesson every week since May 2013. Liza helped me improve my Country dancing skills tremendously. I had taken lessons at a local dance studio for 6 months berfore starting Liza's program. The beginning 2 step group lesson was always the same routine. I seldom received any individual attention. I could perform the basic routine, but never got any encouragement to progress to the intermediate class. At Liza's group lesson she added new dance variations every week that I had not learned before. She is a very skilled group dance instructor who sucessfully leads the group and takes the time to break down the foot step positions in a patient and supportive way.  

Liza's attention to detail makes you feel like you are having a private lesson. Her teaching advice on hand and arm positions during turns has transformed me into a more confident dance lead. The group class even made a field trip to a local Country dance hall with a live band. Liza was a gracious hostess and the classmates all had a great time dancing the night away. 

Every man interested in social life should take dance instruction. Single men will gain the confidence needed to cross that room with your heart going boom and ask a woman to dance with you and see her smile as you lead her in turns while keeping your footwork in time. A man in a relationship can benefit by creating magic moments on the dance floor with his partner to intensify feelings of love. I will continue to take Liza's group lessons."

~David F.


Sharon and Rob, married in 2011, chose "Dancing In the Moonlight" by King Harvest for their first wedding dance.  I taught them in their lovely backyard which had an amazing view! Here is what they said:

"Everything was perfect. We got rave reviews on our dance and even did an encore on Sunday's reception.  The whole weekend was beyond perfect. Thank you!"
~Sharon and Rob


Ruby and Zach, who married in the spring of 2017, wanted their first dance to look like the Ed Sheeran music video for Thinking Out Loud.  We took some moves from the video, but customized it to match their laid back, romantic style.  This was their final rehearsal prior to their wedding.


Claire and Nathan, featured in the video link below, got married in 2016.  They chose Tyrese's R&B hit:  "Best Of Me" My favorite part was the hip hop breakdown. Here is what they said:

"Our first dance went SOOOOOO WELL!  We lost a few of the last minute details we worked on once we were wrapped up in all the excitement, but everyone was thoroughly impressed and we really enjoyed ourselves!"

~Claire and Nathan


Sarah and John got married on November 5, 2016.  I enjoyed choreographing their dance; especially the polka part.  I got inspiration from Mary Poppins!  Here is what they said:

"Our first dance was absolutely fantastic!  Our guests went totally crazy for it and it was so so much fun! I'm so glad we decided to learn choreography for it, it made it just that much more special and felt like a really fun gift for our guests. Everyone was raving about it after.

~Sarah and John


Country, Swing,Ballroom, Latin, & Social Dance Testimonials

Emily and Tyler got married on October 8, 2017.  Emily expressed concern about being able to dance certain moves, such as dips or lifts in her tight strapless dress.  We compromised by making sure Tyler didn't dip her too low and we omitted any lifts so she would feel comfortable.  Everyone was very impressed! 


Cricket and Kevin got married in the spring of 2017.  They wanted their first dance to be theatrical and fun.  In their words:  "Our first dance was a major hit!"


Julie and Lawrence, married March, 22, 2015, chose one of the most unique songs for their wedding dance: the Jurassic Park theme song!  Here is what they said: 

"Liza was totally up for the challenge. Liza came to our home each week for 8 weeks and it became a “date-night”. It was a refreshing break from stressful wedding planning for both of us.  She also gave our father-daughter and mother-son dances a bit of style and all of us were more comfortable and relaxed on the dance floor the evening of the wedding.  Our guests were very impressed with our first dance and we were so excited and proud to perform it for them. 

~Julie and Lawrence


Eric and Tori, married in 2014, chose "Cheek To Cheek", by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald for their first wedding dance.  They sure look like they're having fun!  Here is what they said:  

"We did it!  Thank you so much!"

~Eric and Tori


Chelsea and Andrew, married in 2012 chose "Everything" by Michael Buble for their first wedding dance.  Their challenging wedding choreography included an impressive lift. Here is what they said:

"Andrew and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in teaching us our first dance for our wedding. Everybody LOVED it and my mom was so surprised!  Plus we had so much fun practicing together and were happy to not be embarrassed when all eyes were on us!  Everything at our wedding turned out amazing! We had the absolute best time!"
~Chelsea and Andrew


"Liza makes learning to dance a fun experience. Her upbeat style and genuine interest in the progress of her students adds to the enjoyment of each lesson. She is very patient and knows how to balance the learning process with the student's abilities. Over the course of the last year she has introduced me to a wide range of dance styles and steps, letting me decide which I preferred to pursue. Best of all, she is always in a good mood, which makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable. If you want to learn the correct way to dance, in a relaxed and fun setting, then Dance With Liza is the right choice!"



“Liza was able to put my fears of dancing and looking like a fool aside and carefully break down each step for my uncoordinated self. Now I am able to dance with a new found confidence!”



"Being in my late 50's, I thought it was time to get rid of my fears of being on a dance floor. So, I decided ball room dancing, why not?, it's slow and hopefully it will build my confidence in dancing. I found Liza through a Google search, called and set up 4 lessons. From the beginning, Liza was so sincere, energetic and passionate about sharing her love for dancing.

After my first lesson, I couldn't wait to learn more! By the end of my 4th lesson, Liza had showed me the basics of the "Night Club two step", "American style foxtrot" and the "Swing", all of which left me asking myself "why didn't I try this years ago"!

If your looking for a dance instructor, who can truly work at your skill level, then give Liza a call, you'll be amazed at the results. She will take you from two left feet, shy and no confidence on the dance floor to a true desire to want to learn more.

Thank you Liza, I am forever truly grateful. I am so excited about my new passion for dancing, you're an amazing instructor with an infectious personality. Blessings to you and your family (sorry about your toe)."

~David B.


“I walked away with a positive outlook after our lesson.”


"Liza is a wonderful teacher, and I'm enjoying the small size class for learning swing. She really listens to what you need and want to learn, and she's patient while encouraging you to learn more steps. She's also quite delightful and fun. I feel like I'm finally really learning the basics without being pushed too fast or without it being boring or too overwhelming. I will definitely sign up for more classes, and I highly recommend her for other beginners like me."



“While I had some past experience with dance, my husband was trying something completely new. Within only a few lessons we were both moving to the same beat and had new confidence in the world of dance. I am very happy that we took the time to learn something new and I'm even happier that my husband doesn’t hesitate to take me out onto the dance floor to do the salsa with me now! Thanks Liza!!”

~Larisse and Charles


“You can tell that Liza teaches from the heart. We think she has a great skill and talent. We’d recommend her to anyone.”

~Sarine and Ami


"Liza is a great teacher: patient, observant, focused, adjusts to students needs while  keeping us on track. Her demonstrations were very helpful. We both feel more comfortable and confident dancing together."

~Patti and Charles


“Liza taught just enough and at the right pace so that we walked away feeling encouraged, like we can dance.”

~Sam and Lori

“Professional, fun and easy to learn is the way I would describe our lessons.”

~Bill and Amy


“Although I had a lot of dance experience, my husband had none. Liza was able to teach him how to lead me into some simple patterns. We were able to confidently impress our friends and family on our big day with Liza’s help.”

~Leslie and David 


You were an excellent teacher and we are so grateful to have met with you!

~Rachel and Zach


“Liza is an awesome dance instructor. She has given me several lessons, both in studio and at home. Yes, she’ll even come to your home. I learned a number of different dances and had the chance to practice them at her Valentine’s party. The parties Liza hosts are great because it’s a chance to dance on a large dance floor with a dance instructor close by to show you how to improve. I would most definitely recommend her if you’re interested in dance lessons.”



Sarah and Devin, who married in the summer of 2017, chose Dan & Shay's hit "From The Ground Up".  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful waltzes I've ever choreographed!  Here is what they said:

 "Thank you so much for the amazing dance lessons for our wedding!  Devin and I had so much fun with each other and you!" 

~Sarah and Devin  


Andrew and Irish, married in 2010, danced to "Muse" by Starlight.  They were very creative and had a lot of fun with the dance.  Here is what they said: 

“Everyone loved our wedding dance! One of my girlfriends even told her husband: “See, we should’ve done that!” Our wedding was definitely a hit.”

~Andrew and Irish


More Wedding Testimonials.

Wedding Videos & Testimonials

​​ Dance With Liza

Dance your way to happiness!

Jimmy learned to dance in 2010 in preparation for his daughter Samantha's wedding in 2011.  He gave himself more than a year to prepare because it was so important to him.  He chose "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw.  Here is what he said:

“I was determined to do a “real” dance with my daughter at her wedding, and for a person with limited rhythm and no leading skills, I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to be able to learn to dance. You are a wonderful dance teacher! No doubt I would have been lost without your patience, understanding, and approach. In addition, you were great as a choreographer, putting together the steps and moves, tailored to our abilities and our chosen Father/Daughter song. I now have the confidence to get out on the dance floor, not just for this event, but with my wife, and know that I’m not going to look silly. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, as do my daughter and wife."


Abby and Jessica chose a super fun and light-hearted song, Hey Baby, from Dirty Dancing, for their wedding on September 25, 2016.  We had such a blast laughing and goofing off during our lessons that they invited me to their wedding!  


Shari and Ryan, who got married in the fall of 2017, really nailed both their lifts!  This video really captures their personalities and demonstrates how important it is to keep going and not get flustered if you trip on your dress or if you make any other mistake. 


(619) 861-6260 

North Park & Kearny mesa

Cindy and Justin, married July 18, 2015, chose "Love Is Here To Stay" by Frank Sinatra for their dance which had lots of panache.  Cindy smiled more during our lessons than any other student I've ever had!  Here is what they said:

"We were dancing to a Frank Sinatra song so we wanted to ensure that we looked good.....we didn't want it to look stiff and choreographed, but we wanted it to have a bit of panache!  She completely understood what we were looking for and helped us plan a dance that we loved.

Liza is creative, patient and understands how to help people with different styles learn.  I like to learn a dance based on what steps go with a certain part of the song, while my husband likes to have it based on numbers (6-count or 8-count, depending on the step).  Liza was able to do both so that we could look graceful in our Foxtrot.  We mastered the sway step, box step, numerous turns, and a fabulous finish with a dip.  The guests loved it!"

~Cindy and Justin


Francesca and Matt started taking dance lessons about a year and a half before their wedding because one of them was going away to grad school and they wouldn't have as much time to practice.  Their song was "All I Need To Get By" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Tyrell.  Here is what they said: 

"We did it!!! And it was AWESOME!!! The dance blew everyone away! And we have you to thank. So THANK YOU!!!
~Francesca and Matt


Stacy and Sal, married October 10, 2015, chose the song "I've Been Waiting" by the Leftover Cuties.  Here is what they said:

 "My fiancé was nervous about learning a first dance, but Liza is so good at listening to what you want out of the experience, and tailoring both the dance and her teaching to you, that he was totally comfortable and even had fun. I really appreciated that while she super nice and funny, she was efficient and didn't waste your time. She helped us create a first dance that didn't feel over the top choreographed, but was still interesting both to dance and to watch. I never write reviews but I had to write one for her because she is just so good! I am SO HAPPY we found her, and I would recommend her to anyone without reservations."
~Stacy and Sal


“Thank you so much for being so flexible especially at the last minute! Everyone…I mean EVERYONE, was completely taken back by our dance. They thought it was absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. Gives me goose bumps and I’m the one that danced!”
~Souf and Nicole 


“We had a total of four left feet, which makes a really awkward, step-on-your-partner, dancing situation. In a period of about 5 weeks, we went from four left feet to pulling off the most stunning wedding dance that you could imagine. I can’t say thank you enough to Liza for teaching us how to dance!”
~Lisa and Bobby

“We danced the night away. The party just went crazy and couldn't be stopped.”
~Lisette and Randy


"It was a pleasure to work with Liza. My husband and I are both in the Navy so we had very busy schedules and frequently worked until pretty late, but Liza was able to schedule lessons with us that worked with times we were free, she was very accommodating. She helped us in learning a dance routine for our wedding and encouraged us to tape our sessions to review for practice. We were able to learn a beautiful dance in only 3 lessons with her guidance and we had never taken any dance lessons prior to this. Everyone at our wedding loved our dance and we had a great time learning it with Liza."