Dance your way to happiness! 

​​​​​​ ​Dance With Liza


Janna is currently in training to become a dance instructor at Dance With Liza.  She will start teaching in the spring of 2020. 

Janna always has a smile on her face.  Her grace, poise, enthusiasm, and patience come from years of ballet and more recently from teaching English at a Christian high school.


Lori, aka “L.K.” is our expert Zydeco and R&B line dance instructor and assists Liza with line dance gigs.  

She coaches her own line dance crew called the “L” Train, the L is an acronym for Line Dance.
She is the best Line Dance instructor in San Diego County. Step on the “L” Train and Line Dance with LK.

​She is a native of Texas and resides in San Diego. CA. She is a self-proclaimed “Queen of Zydeco Line Dancing” and an avid fanatic about all phases of dance.

Lori teaches fun and energetic line dance classes throughout San Diego.
Contact Lori directly for more information at:  (619)-799-3383 or


Liza is the owner and primary instructor at Dance With Liza.  Fun, friendly, talented, and patient are some of the words students have used to describe dance instructor and DJ Liza. Liza has been choreographing and teaching beautiful wedding dances, country dancing, fun and easy social dancing, and line dancing in San Diego for almost 20 years.  She is also a DJ who specializes in country western hoedowns.  

Liza loves teaching dance.  With her warm, friendly, non-threatening nature, Liza excels at helping students with two left feet feel more comfortable and confident on the dance floor.  Her favorite part of her job is the creative process; to see the finished dance routine all polished.  She also loves making people happy. 

Liza was professionally trained at Mac Vitties Dance Studio where she taught Ballroom, Swing, Country, Latin, and Social dancing for a few years.  After Mac Vitties, she branched out on her own furthering her training with experts in the field.  She continues to study dance to keep her skills fresh.  Her DJ training includes  apprenticeships with Black Tie DJ Service and Hora DJ Service.​  

She was fortunate enough to have a very talented father who was extremely passionate (think obsessed) about Israeli and international folk dancing.  From the time that she could walk, her father used to bring her to all of his dance classes.  She learned to dance by standing behind him and copying his feet.